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Monday, July 9, 2007

My Sony Ericsson P990i Debranding Adventure

This happened more or less three weeks ago...

I bought this "Smart and Powerful" phone, the Sony Ericsson P990i and was excited to update to R6D23 - the latest available firmware for this phone. That is because according to what I've read, aside from R6D23 fixes most of the known bugs discovered in the previous versions of firmware, R6D23 makes P990i more responsive. But to my disappointment, I found out that what I've got was using 162008/69 (Taiwan Generic) version R5A02, which is not included in the list of CDAs that could be upgraded to R6D23 (so far).

Downloaded Sony Ericsson Update Service (or SEUS), installed and ran, hoping that I would get the R6D23. After like 30 minutes, when SEUS is finished and after all the things you have to do after a firmware update, I finally was able to check the current firmware loaded - R6A01!

Did some research. Found out that this CDA thing could be changed. But needs to buy credits from! No free? Greenhills?

I am stuck with R6A01?

What now? Google! Fired up google and it brought me to one of the topics at forum. Read, read, read, read... and read. The trick was to replace two files from a certain folder. The files to be replaced are somehow confusing! But then again, I must do it. I have to change the CDA. In about an hour, after some combinations of - turn OFF, remove battery, replace battery, hold 'C' button, release 'C' button, etc... lucky enough to get to 162007/1 with R6D23 firmware! Whew!

By the way, SE Phones' CDA, though I haven't got the exact meaning of it, as I've read, refers to the region or country where the firmware is intended to. It's the CDA that SEUS uses to update the firmware, so the 'trick' works, and witnessed and done it myself.

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