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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Haipad M7m Videos

NOTE: videos posted here are not mine. I just found them in youtube. Credits go to their respective copyright owners/uploaders.

Latest Haipad M7-m Android Tablet Review

haipad m7m dungeon hunter hd

Angry Birds
I can't find a video playing "Angry Birds" in M7m. Though Haipad M7 is aesthetically different, it shares the same platform (S5PV210) as M7m, so the performance should be the same (or at least there shouldn't be much gap). So I'm sharing this video of Haipad M7 playing the popular Android game, the Angry Birds:

Other Games Being Played in S5PV210 Platform
Fruit Ninja:

Asphalt 6:

Guerilla Bob:

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