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Saturday, July 14, 2007

P990i Internet Browsing via Bluetooth (with BlueSoleil)

I know my P990i's Bluetooth works when exchanging objects from another phone. But I have not tried its networking capability. Would it work? I have a generic bluetooth with IVT BlueSoleil software bundled with it. So on my laptop, I installed, configured and paired with my phone. I setup its PAN (Personal Area Networking), shared intenet connection (thru Windows XP's ICS) and tried. It worked! I can browse the net thru bluetooth.

What did I do? Read on...
Pair (or trust) each others' Bluetooth.
XP: Take note of PAN connection. I named mine as "Bluetooth PAN" to easily distinguish it.

XP: Enable Internet Connection Sharing in the connection (dial-up, LAN, WiFi) which is used for the Internet (right-click connection->Properties->Advance tab). Enable/check "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection". Select "Bluetooth PAN" as "Home networking connection". Note that if "Home networking connection" is not available, it means that you have just one prospective "Home networking connection" and it is automatically selected.

XP: Double check PAN connection. It should have as its IP Address (this static IP is automatically set when internet connection is shared with PAN connection).

XP: Restart ICS service (in Windows XP services).

Run BlueSoleil software.

BlueSoleil: My Services->Properties->Personal Area Networking tab. Check/enable "Auto-start this service when My Bluetooth starts". Select "Set up Bluetooth Personal Area Network". Disable (uncheck) "Enable DHCP Server", as this will be handled by ICS.

BlueSoleil: Restart.
BlueSoleil: Check if it says that PAN is with, as shown below. Otherwise, repeat the process.

P990i: Go to Control Panel->Connections->Internet accounts.
P990i: Tap Internet accounts->New account->Bluetooth Internet (PAN)
P990i: Settings - Name it as you like (I named mine as BT Net), as shown below:

P990i: Devices - (Search and) select you computer's Bluetooth.
P990i: Tap BT Internet (PAN)->Roles and select "Client - Server"

P990i: Save and add it to your "Internet" group.
P990i: Optionally, you can remove other accounts from "Internet" group leaving only the newly created BT connection (BT Net) as it's member, as shown below. This is to ensure that when your phone tries to connect to the internet, your phone will not resort into using other possible connection. You can re-add other accounts again later, if you want (i.e. when want to use 3G or WiFi connection).

P990i: Save group.
XP: If not yet connected, connect to the internet.
P990i: Launch browser and try to surf the web.

Your phone should connect to your computer via bluetooth, acquire an IP address and establish a working network connection. You would see BlueSoleil spitting out a message that a remote device has connected to my Personal Aread Networking.

That's all.


pareng hilton said...

thank you. sa wakas napagana ko na rin. itatapon ko na sana yung bluetooth dongle ko eh

mAy said...

kuya bakit ganun..nka-connect n q,, kaso walang lumalabas..could not locate remote server ung lumalabas.. thank you!

tranced said...

thanks man. i've managed to get my p990 connected correctly.

Sachink said...

hello, i tried all he stuff u said.....did exactly right but cant connect with ny sony ericsson p1i, having same features, my connection fr internet is via braodband that uses PPPoE. please help me.....

RLN Simha said...

Hi Sachink !
Did you connected ur p1i using bluetooth ? if yes please send the procedure to me

krasnapolskyee said...

hi there thanks for the post, does this work with vista as well?