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Monday, September 17, 2007

P990i: No Internet Accounts Error

Just a day ago, out of nowhere, an error appeared on my P990i every time I initiated internet connection on the phone. The error says:
No internet accounts have been setup. Setup an account in Control Panel.
BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE, since I have several internet accounts configured on my phone!

I tried creating new account, so that the configuration will be updated. Tried to connect/browse again, same message.

Modified and updated existing internet account. Tried to browse again... same message.

I couldn't fix it by the said steps, so I was to "Master Reset" the phone. I was about to back-up via SE PC Suite but my P990i couldn't be detected by the software! Mmmm... related? I don't know. So I went on and master-reset my phone. After which, the "No internet accounts..." error is solved and PC Suite was able to detect the phone!

What could have happened?

Here's the video of what I'm talking about:


Brownspank said...

Did you try a soft reset (turning the phone off, then on again) before doing a hard reset?

pnoytechie said...

yes, did that several time before resorting to "Master Reset"