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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Recover P990i Phone Lock Code

Forgot your P990i's Phone Lock Code?

Here's how to retrieve it...

  1. Turn-off your phone (remove and reinsert battery to make sure it is completely turned OFF).
  2. Launch XS++.
  3. Enable (put check) on "Smartphone connect" (see image below).
  4. Click "Connect" (see image below).
  5. XS++ will spit some instructions, follow it (hold 'C' from keypad or keyboard).
  6. Wait...
  7. XS++ will spit some text (phone info, etc., INCLUDING YOUR PHONE LOCK CODE as shown in the image below).
  8. DONE!

As Easy As That...


cynd said...

hi, can you please help me with xs++? I cant seem to flash my phone, I'm getting error: Init Master Failed!

intelli said...

thanks. helpfull !

nick said...

sir, p990i rin kasi yung phone ko,i'm forgot my phone lock code.i want to use this xs++ but im afraid to do this.baka kasi masira sya.please,bigyan mo po ako ng remarks/tips kung di ba talaga ito mkakasira sa set-up ng phone ko.naka-unlock sya kasi sa globe.

salamat po at mabuhay yung blog mo.