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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sony Ericsson P990i's Camera

Today, I took pictures around using my Sony Ericsson P990i's camera and Canon IXUS i Zoom (SD30). As I was taking pictures using P990i, I noticed some things. By the way, I haven't notice these things before, because I used to take pictures in flip-closed mode. These things have assigned keys when in flip-closed mode:
  • You can only access the "Settings" via stylus.
  • You can only adjust the "Zoom" via stylus.
  • You can only ajust the "Exposure" via stylus.
  • In preview mode, pressing OK (or Return) key is rather confusing because it asks you if you are sure to delete the image (I thought this would happen if you press the "DEL" key).
Here are some of the pictures I took using P990i and Canon IXUS i Zoom. Pictures are originally taken using the same dimension (1600 x 1200). I'm not a photographer, so when I looked at the horizontal and vertical resolutions, I got confused!

  • Width = 1600 pixels
  • Height = 1200 pixels
  • Horz. Res. = 72 dpi
  • Vert. Res. = 72 dpi

Canon IXUS i Zoom
  • Width = 1600 pixels
  • Height = 1200 pixels
  • Horz. Res. = 180 dpi
  • Vert. Res. = 180 dpi

I also took picture (not posted here) using Nokia 6630's camera but it made me even more confused because at a dimension of 1280x960 pixels, it has a vert./horz. resolution of 300 dpi!!! Why is that so? I don't know! As I've told earlier, I am not a photographer.

Again, here are the pictures (Left=P990i; Right=IXUS i Zoom):

So... what can you say?


Zaki said...

The DPI parameters in the EXIF data of a JPEG file has no other meaning than the default print size.

Another fairly meaningless example: my i-mobile 902 (one of the best camera phones in the world!) shows 72 DPI. This is no bearing the actual size captured by the sensor. The sensor in this camera phone is 1/2.5" (5.76x4.29mm) which makes the true DPI 11,430!

Brownspank said...

I agree with the previous comment. DPI only applies to print, and only as a default. If you're only viewing it on a computer, it doesn't matter what DPI the image is set to.

With regards to the photo quality, I'm not surprised. It's a mobile phone camera against a digital camera. Obviously, the IXUS wins. To be fair, the P990i can produce good shots under favorable lighting conditions, so I always use mine with the flash on.