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Thursday, October 11, 2007

My SE P990i Issues (Part II)

Just tonight, as I was on my way home, traffic caught us in the middle of South Super Highway, going to Alabang. I pulled out my P990i and started browsing using Smart 3G.

Using my P990i, I checked my blog (this blog) and I found few misspelled items so I decided to edit it. In my laptop, it has become a habit for me to copy first what I'm editing so that when things accidentally messed up, I could just clear everything, and get the original from the clipboard. And so I did with one of the articles here. For some reason, I accidentally messed the article I was editing, so I cleared the content, and decided to paste from the clipboard... and so surprised that it only pasted a small portion of what I copied earlier! I investigated it and found out that:
  • You can paste up to 255 characters only in a text are in the web browser. If you copy more than that, only the first 255 characters will be pasted.
  • Also in the web browser, when typing in a text box and 255 characters is reached, the keyboard will work intermittently, replacing only the character located in the left of the cursor. Switching to ‘123’ mode completely disables typing!
  • Still in web browser, ENTER/RETURN doesn't work in on-screen keyboard even if the target is a multi-line text box (textarea).
  • Text options like copy, cut, paste, etc. is missing in the on-screen keyboard when invoked from web browser (also true in message editor).
I'm surprised... really!

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