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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My SE P990i Issues

As I use my P990i, I notice more and more issues everyday...

These items are based on R6E28 firmware.

Camera (Flip-Open mode)

  • You can only access the "Settings" via stylus.
  • You can only adjust the "Zoom" via stylus.
  • You can only adjust the "Exposure" via stylus.
  • In preview mode, pressing OK (or Return) key is rather confusing because it asks you if you are sure to delete the image (I thought this would happen if you press the "DEL" key).

Media Player
  • No assigned keys to navigate (back/forth) between presets in Radio Player.
  • No assigned keys to adjust (up/down) frequencies in Radio Player.
  • No custom Equalizer (limited to factory presets).
  • No way to specify folder for music (ring/msgtones will also be included when you search and there's no way to excluded them).
  • No way to re-order items in the play list.
  • No non-stop option (you cannot enjoy compilations meant to be played non-stop).
  • Supports mp4 but previous MPEG versions are left-out.
  • Doesn't support WMA tags.
  • BUG: Create a playlist. Name if like “Myown Playlist”. From Play lists, highlight the newly created play list and put a period (.) between “Myown” and “Playlist” resulting to “Myown.Playlist”. Save. Now, only “Myown” is there.

  • Music – low.
  • Speaker phone – low.
  • Ear-piece – low.
  • Voice-command – way too low (you would hear nothing, unless you’re on a wired headset).
  • Headset – your voice will always echo during call.
Web Browser
  • Homepage/default page cannot be changed.
  • Enter/OK key has no effect in links (i.e. you cannot open a link using the enter key). You have to use stylus or the jog-dial.
  • No shortcuts (increase/decrease font only).
  • You cannot use the arrow keys (down, up, left, right) to navigate between cells in Quicksheet.
  • It doesn’t use system-defined date separator.
Messaging (SMS/MMS/Email)
  • You have to open the SMS before you can reply (flip-open mode).
  • You cannot reply in MMS format (flip-open mode).
  • Be careful when marking messages from the inbox. Make sure to tap only on the checkbox area. If you accidentally tap the subject, the message will be opened; clearing all marked messages and so need to mark them again.
  • Incoming email protocol (POP/IMAP) of existing email accounts cannot be changed without loosing existing emails.
  • Downloading of email is limited to PHONE’s free disk space (60mb or less), as you cannot switch the message storage between phone and Memory Stick.
Phone App / Dialer / Contacts
  • There's no way to switch between Phone and Video Phone via keyboard or jog-dial. Stylus is required!
  • It’s hard to dial 8-MCDO.
  • No way to add SOS numbers.
  • Speed-dial (via keyboard) doesn’t work. Works only for “1” which is the voicemail shortcut (not tested when flip is on).
  • When a contact is set as speed dial entry, only the first name is set to be the name tag. You have to type the last name if you wish for it to have the complete name.
  • While in the Dialer, pressing Speed dial or Contact button, then “Back” button takes you back to the Dialer. But…. pressing call log button, then “Back” button takes you directly to main menu. While in Speed Contacts window, pressing Contact or Call log buttons, then “Back” button takes you back to Speed Contacts. But… pressing Dialer button, then “Back” button goes directly to main menu. This is how “Back” button works.
  • “Master Reset” deletes factory installed themes (and games if “Delete all user installed applications.” checkbox is checked. Those are factory installed rather than user installed.
  • There’s no way to re-arrange icons. If you want the Dialer to be the first in the list, you cannot do it.
  • No icon customization (some hacks were partially successful).
  • No Flash support, so you cannot enjoy Flash-enabled websites and Flash-videos (i.e. youtube).
  • Enter/OK key has no effect in Task manager (i.e. cannot be used to switch to selected task).
  • Tapping on empty area switches to selected program in Task manager.
  • Standby screen doesn’t display Today’s Task, Appointments, no. of unread messages, no. of unread emails.
  • No communications log.
  • You are given options to edit folders in “Main menu” even you cannot actually edit it.
  • File manager doesn’t allow changing the extension of any file!
  • If you accidentally tapped a HTML file from the File manager, and you accidentally chose “Save”, it will be copied to “c:\web”, and a bookmark will be added to web browser. But even if you delete this bookmark, the actual HTML file will stay in “c:\web” and there’s no way you can delete it because this folder is hidden from the File manager. You would have to use third-party File manager (i.e. Swiss Mgr Pro) to delete this.
  • Be careful when picking up contact via stylus as running your stylus from “right to left” invokes contact deletion.
  • Doesn’t support video tone.
... and so on...

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